New Year Crafts

With too much time on my hands and as a person who suffers from a case of restlessness, since the new year started, I finished:

-one 62″ knit scarf (11 hrs)

-one 2″ x 3″ embroidery project (20 hrs)

-two 3″ needle felting animals (4.5 hrs)

-20+ crochet and knit mini bows (… Ehh… )

– one crochet bath pouf (3 hrs including the time it took me to understand the tutorial in its entirety and two bad attempts where a crocheted an acorn instead… And yes, I shall elaborate more in a future post) 

– one mini metal star ( 30 mins)

– one 12″ x 9″ zippered pouch (3 hrs – my first sewing machine project)

… And I think that’s it. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. Though there are probably better things that I could have used my time for, but sometimes you just need to make time for your hobbies… Or in my case, go on a hobby spree! 
Here’s to a new year of creativity!! 


What You Put Your Mind To

Through the years, I’ve realized that for the most part, if I set my mind to accomplish a task, I can accomplish it. Yesterday I just finished another project. I learned how to put pockets on pants A women, we know… most of the pants sold in stores don’t have pockets or the pockets that are there are rather …tiny. Nowadays since I have too much free time on my hands, I feel like I should learn new things that I’m keeping myself rather busy for someone so unemployed.

In a few interviews, the interviewers have asked me what have I been doing since I resigned from my previous position. It makes me wonder what other people in the same situation would say. “Relaxing”, “vacationing”, “catching up on things”, etc.  Is there a real right answer for such a question? Though in retrospect, I feel like it’s a mix. It’s some part small talk to keep things going and some part to see what kind of person they are – if they keep learning or someone who takes time off. Though it also depends on the situation. I’ve been unemployed for over two months now, so in this time, I should be active. However if someone was only unemployed for less than a month, I couldn’t imagine anyone dinging them for vacationing. In my case, I hadn’t had a real vacation in almost three years since I’ve been going from one job to the next. (Though… this might be too long a vacation… or maybe it isn’t, since it’s given me the proper time to let my back and neck heal from the car accident). Who knows…

In short, regardless of whether you are busy or having all the time in the world, I believe everyone should pick up new skills. You never know when it might come in handy.


Unemployment Thoughts

In retrospect, resigning at this time of the year was probably not the smartest move, but some times “you gotta do what you do.”  After applying to over 70 places and either getting rejected at some point or just no word from these companies, it gets… a bit depressing. Though some people say that the market is still ever so hot, I feel like it is ever so cold.

What has the world gotten to that it’s so hard for a newbie to get a job. When was it that most companies would prefer 5+ or even 10+ years of experience to do the same job? The thing that makes me laugh the hardest is that fact that I worked with those 5+… 10+ years of experience people and you know what? They aren’t good. Don’t get me wrong, there are many talented people who deserve the seniority title. There are many talented people who I would clearly say that “Yes, I respect them and their knowledge of the industry.” However some people, they can have 10+ years of experience and I was able to catch up to them in knowledge AND skill in a mere few months – minus the actual work experience. So that need for a higher years of experience, what is it really weeding out?

Coming from a recruiter’s POV, sure a few years give or take isn’t too big a deal and depending on the job, some times you really do need someone with 10+, 15+, 20+ years of experience to handle the level of work. Other times, a 5+ years of experience is a just a place marker to show that the person has the “passion” to stay in the industry long enough, if they tried to make a move, maybe they experienced more customer service woes, etc. But at the end of the day, I feel like once you hit 2 or 3 years of experience and YOU WORK HARD, I’m sure you can be at the level of a 5+ years of experience.

*sigh* the real world…

A Busy Day Just Gets Busier

After about a month and a half of almost nothing, I was rained today with two interviews (would have been three if the interviewer had not requested to reschedule), weenies to take care of us since the wee hours of 6 am until noon, the love of my life to be picked up at the airport and dropping him off at his house, and packages that need to be sent out.  It has been a crazy day. Been running around, trying to seem as friendly and professional as possible in the interviews (the second of the two was sprung on me 5 hrs before) and just trying to make things work.

Yet that is how things seem to be going. There’s this slow period of everything sluggishly moving around and suddenly, BAM! everything all at once making you whirl in a tizzy and the next thing you know, you’ve been awake 14 hours and have been active non-stop whilst the night is still young for more things on the list to knock off.

Though honestly I’m more ready for bed…  zzz

First Crochet Project – Complete

As of last night, I finished my first crochet scarf. Instead of taking 2-3 years, this one took around 4-5 days and ended up around 70″ though could be stretched to around 78″. In total, probably around 20 hours, though more like a little over 17. I started off really slow and then found myself able to see where to crochet (my biggest problem in the beginning was that I couldn’t see where to crochet. My housemate gave me tips but she wasn’t around long enough for me to ask and videos only show so much), how to crochet faster, how to hold the yarn better, etc. I guess it’s just me, but when I have too much time on my hands, I just dive into one project after the next. Though after crocheting so much, my hands feel like some mild carpel tunnel… I’ve learned my lesson now…

My next crochet project is a dog sweater or should I say, “Weenie Sweater” since it’ll be to the measurements of our weenies. On and off, another housemate and I have been waiting for our crochet pro housemate to show us the ropes in dog sweater crocheting, but she is busy with work. We don’t blame her. So in the meantime, we’re following a video on youtube, but since my other housemate is starting up her own new “hobby”, the dog sweater will end up pending since it’s supposed to be a group thing…. or I’ll just finish it in my own time (once my hands don’t hurt as much anymore) and then just teach her afterwards. Though it’s rather hard following a video since either the lighting isn’t good enough for a clear view or the angle is just slightly off that unless you have previously crocheted to a certain level, it’s rather hard to understand and I just found myself just going with the flow hoping that what I’m doing is right and that I wouldn’t have to unravel all that work.

Aside from that, the love of my life is coming back from his over 3 week international trip tomorrow.  I’m so excited to see him at the airport. But between a phone interview tomorrow for a writing gig, getting there, and waiting for him… I think it’d be best to start the next novel on my list since I imagine there will be some downtime between all that rush.

Next novel on my list: The Night Circus


Update: As requested, now featured is a picture of the crocheted scarf. My pocket watch on there for a better comparison of color.

The 1000 Cranes Wish

As of today, I have finally finished creating 1000 cranes. As for my wish… the more I thought of it, the more I wanted to make this wish worth it. It was long hours of creating these cranes since I wanted to finish making them before December (or at least by the end of the year) and I wanted to tie up any loose ends.  So finally I have finished.

It’s such a great feeling since this project felt endless. I remember the countdowns everyday. 800 more to go… 834 more to go… 790 more to go… and these past few days, I became more and anxious to complete it. 89 more cranes to go… 50 more cranes to go… 10 more cranes to go…. Now that I’ve come to the end and earned my mythical “one wish” I don’t know what to wish for. Originally when I first started I had one wish in mind. Now I’ve come to realize that there are more things that I want to wish for that I wonder if I could articulate it in a way that I can have all that I desire in that one wish since they are all related. Then what came to mind was if such a wish does come true, would it be similar to that of a genie’s wish? That even after figuring out a way to have all desires in one wish, I would still have to elaborate it in such a way that it cannot be mistaken for other things.

The more I thought about it, the more I laughed at myself. I know it’s childish of me to work so hard for that “one wish” that may or may not come true. As much as I do understand that creating  1000 cranes for a wish is more of a symbolic way of saying, “If you work hard and don’t give up, you can achieve  anything”, but who knows, maybe it will come true.

Until I figure it out… I shall continue pondering…

Deep Thoughts And Meditation

So as of yesterday, I finally finished that course in Meditation. It was nice until… age maybe 14 or so? I just lost interest. It started out great. The basics was definitely what I needed to hear and I felt good about meditating, but once day 13… 14 hit, that was supposed to be the more I guess “Intermediate” level of thought or “profoundness” and even at the end of the course when they reached “Advanced”, I just found myself resisting.

It’s weird to me. I’ve always been quite found of spiritual things and becoming enlightened, and yet, here I was resisting to something spiritual and enlightening. I know I was wrong to feel that way, but at the same time, I suppose I was so excited to learn something new, something so profound and then… it fizzled. After taking some more time to think about things, I finally came to terms that I spent most of my life in “meditation” or self-reflection would be the better term.  All these profound thoughts to meditate on… I had as a tween, teenager and in my early 20s. Back then I had toooo much time on my hands and too many hurt feelings to feel that I spent countless nights laying there in bed reflecting on life. I suppose you could say that it’s something that comes naturally to me.

To add fuel to the fire, Rei sent me a book to read – one that her cousin raved about saying that it changed her perspective and it was so enlightening. After reading through 40% of the book, I had to be honest with Rei that I already knew all of this. I could even pinpoint the year and the moment when I had those epiphanies, even what lead to it. So then it made me question, does the average person just not reflect on their lives and how their actions affect other people?