First Crochet Project – Complete

As of last night, I finished my first crochet scarf. Instead of taking 2-3 years, this one took around 4-5 days and ended up around 70″ though could be stretched to around 78″. In total, probably around 20 hours, though more like a little over 17. I started off really slow and then found myself able to see where to crochet (my biggest problem in the beginning was that I couldn’t see where to crochet. My housemate gave me tips but she wasn’t around long enough for me to ask and videos only show so much), how to crochet faster, how to hold the yarn better, etc. I guess it’s just me, but when I have too much time on my hands, I just dive into one project after the next. Though after crocheting so much, my hands feel like some mild carpel tunnel… I’ve learned my lesson now…

My next crochet project is a dog sweater or should I say, “Weenie Sweater” since it’ll be to the measurements of our weenies. On and off, another housemate and I have been waiting for our crochet pro housemate to show us the ropes in dog sweater crocheting, but she is busy with work. We don’t blame her. So in the meantime, we’re following a video on youtube, but since my other housemate is starting up her own new “hobby”, the dog sweater will end up pending since it’s supposed to be a group thing…. or I’ll just finish it in my own time (once my hands don’t hurt as much anymore) and then just teach her afterwards. Though it’s rather hard following a video since either the lighting isn’t good enough for a clear view or the angle is just slightly off that unless you have previously crocheted to a certain level, it’s rather hard to understand and I just found myself just going with the flow hoping that what I’m doing is right and that I wouldn’t have to unravel all that work.

Aside from that, the love of my life is coming back from his over 3 week international trip tomorrow.  I’m so excited to see him at the airport. But between a phone interview tomorrow for a writing gig, getting there, and waiting for him… I think it’d be best to start the next novel on my list since I imagine there will be some downtime between all that rush.

Next novel on my list: The Night Circus


Update: As requested, now featured is a picture of the crocheted scarf. My pocket watch on there for a better comparison of color.


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