A Busy Day Just Gets Busier

After about a month and a half of almost nothing, I was rained today with two interviews (would have been three if the interviewer had not requested to reschedule), weenies to take care of us since the wee hours of 6 am until noon, the love of my life to be picked up at the airport and dropping him off at his house, and packages that need to be sent out.  It has been a crazy day. Been running around, trying to seem as friendly and professional as possible in the interviews (the second of the two was sprung on me 5 hrs before) and just trying to make things work.

Yet that is how things seem to be going. There’s this slow period of everything sluggishly moving around and suddenly, BAM! everything all at once making you whirl in a tizzy and the next thing you know, you’ve been awake 14 hours and have been active non-stop whilst the night is still young for more things on the list to knock off.

Though honestly I’m more ready for bed…  zzz


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