What You Put Your Mind To

Through the years, I’ve realized that for the most part, if I set my mind to accomplish a task, I can accomplish it. Yesterday I just finished another project. I learned how to put pockets on pants A women, we know… most of the pants sold in stores don’t have pockets or the pockets that are there are rather …tiny. Nowadays since I have too much free time on my hands, I feel like I should learn new things that I’m keeping myself rather busy for someone so unemployed.

In a few interviews, the interviewers have asked me what have I been doing since I resigned from my previous position. It makes me wonder what other people in the same situation would say. “Relaxing”, “vacationing”, “catching up on things”, etc.  Is there a real right answer for such a question? Though in retrospect, I feel like it’s a mix. It’s some part small talk to keep things going and some part to see what kind of person they are – if they keep learning or someone who takes time off. Though it also depends on the situation. I’ve been unemployed for over two months now, so in this time, I should be active. However if someone was only unemployed for less than a month, I couldn’t imagine anyone dinging them for vacationing. In my case, I hadn’t had a real vacation in almost three years since I’ve been going from one job to the next. (Though… this might be too long a vacation… or maybe it isn’t, since it’s given me the proper time to let my back and neck heal from the car accident). Who knows…

In short, regardless of whether you are busy or having all the time in the world, I believe everyone should pick up new skills. You never know when it might come in handy.



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