New Year Crafts

With too much time on my hands and as a person who suffers from a case of restlessness, since the new year started, I finished:

-one 62″ knit scarf (11 hrs)

-one 2″ x 3″ embroidery project (20 hrs)

-two 3″ needle felting animals (4.5 hrs)

-20+ crochet and knit mini bows (… Ehh… )

– one crochet bath pouf (3 hrs including the time it took me to understand the tutorial in its entirety and two bad attempts where a crocheted an acorn instead… And yes, I shall elaborate more in a future post) 

– one mini metal star ( 30 mins)

– one 12″ x 9″ zippered pouch (3 hrs – my first sewing machine project)

… And I think that’s it. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. Though there are probably better things that I could have used my time for, but sometimes you just need to make time for your hobbies… Or in my case, go on a hobby spree! 
Here’s to a new year of creativity!! 


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